Farm Hack [AFK] - No crash!

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Farm Hack [AFK] - No crash!

Post by WeedSmoker on Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:56 pm

Hi there ,

So yeah if you want to level up but don't really want to play legit use this way. This is the best and my MV didn't crashed for 10 hours(if no one disconnect the server).


1. Download Macro Recorder (google it)
2. Use a bypass ex. MultiClient
3. Statup MV
4. Create room -> AI Mode
5. Put kills one 255 & time on 1. (IN CE)
6. Put speedhack on 6.0 and apply.
7. Open Macro Recorder and start recording.
8. Press start and every second shoot one bullet. When the time is on 3 sec, press ESCAPE(If you level up it will exit the level up thing)
9. If you see how much EXP you get press exit and start again.
10. Press Ctrl+Q(Stop recording)
11. Wait until game is done.
12. When you're in the lobby press PLAY.(Macro Recorder)
13.DONE you can now do other things like take a shit smoke some weed or just go to bed.

This is just a few ways but I put it a bit together.

Credits to myself


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